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The Last Nazi Trial
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Next month Germany will hold what may be its last Nazi trial. A 93 year old man who acted as a bookkeeper in Auschwitz will face prosecution after 70 years after the closure of the death camp. He considers himself a small cog in a machine and that he had nothing to do with the exterminations and held only a minor administrative role. German law demands prosecution on the basis that he was present and his role is irrelevant. Some believe after 70 years it is time for healing and forgiveness, and that he is 93. That would make him 23 at the end of the war. Should he be prosecuted or left alone?

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Any guys around my age wanna chat? im 19

Now for the good stuff!
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Okay, so my first blog entry was kinda serious, but I do have a funny side too! Okay for real, ahhh the memories! I remember I went to this halloween party one time. I had left my car at the bar, which was only like three blocks away, and discovered I loved the taste of white russians! I was a chocolate freak, what can I say!? So I'm at this fun party sucking down these white russians to the point where I can barely stand anymore. After slobbering all over a couple of cuties trying to talk to them, I guess it's time to leave. So I head down the sidewalk (when I could see it), to my car, stopping about every five feet and losing my lunch along with all those drinks. It seriously took me at least 30 minutes to get three blocks, and I don't remember the drive home. That was about 20 years ago and to this day I cannot take the smell of a white russian.

Okay, I go out in drag one night on a dare. It was kinda fun and I got a lot of attention, because I wasn't bad looking! This one hot guy hits on me and wants to take me home. I'm like, ok, what the hell. We go to my place and I get to munch down on the most beautiful ass I had seen to date! Afterwords we talk for a bit and then I have to pee. I go to the bathroom, turn and see myself in the mirror. OMG! I had left an eyelash and half my face in this guys ass!! I looked like frankenqueen that had been beaten with an ugly stick!! Thank God he was so dam drunk he probably didn't even notice. I just wondered what he was gonna think when he pulled an eyelash out of his butt. I HAVE ASS SPIDERS!!! Anyway...tra la :-)

True stories and I have tons more!


A Daily Pic(k)
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Happy Freeballing Friday!
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I'm off from work and letting it swing in my sweatpants! Anyone else chill like this?

Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

That'll melt the snow
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Just saying I miss you Thomas (Tolead)
Views: 67 · Added: 9 hrs ago to me one of the GBT contributors who I most treasure. He hasn't been online for 6 days and is perhaps taking some kind of break. I'm just hoping he's okay. I like Thomas because he humanises GBT for me. I like his intelligence, his incredible willingness to care about people way beyond just a superficial level, his great sense of humour, the amazing contribution he's made to this site, his proven commitment to the political and social gay issues that affect all of us, the way he doesn't just post any random message on your wall but makes it personal to you, that he's given you as a person some thought. I like the way he's as horny and erotic as the rest of us but has stood up and spoken on behalf of members for whom some GBT issues are problematic, but always with tact and fairness. You're awesome Thomas. You're a significant part of what kept me interested in this website, and willing to stay with it, for all its huge flaws. HUGS.

Pour les Francophones
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mes amis, essai de blog pour voir si c'est aussi bien que les messages, je vous salues tous et à bientôt

Anyone have Site Issues?
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I was wondering if anyone has any issues with the site after the update that has not been resolved? Only need a example of this and a way to recreate the issue

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OLD Blogs
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Seems to be an annual Blog for me - Time to do some house cleaning. PLEASE, if a posted Blog has been completed - remove to clear things up. It helps not having to go through so many Blogs that no longer apply. Thanks guys.

Slang for condoms
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What slang words have you for condoms like frenchies, johnnie bags, rubbers?

GBT Upgrade suggestion
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I would like there to be a Block User option.

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Anyone like to do some fingerpainting?

New Blogsite
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Hi guys finally been released from work and had time to start my blog, for those interested go to I put a password on it but I am not sure it is working.
Not much there yet except part 1 of my life, the other topics will fall under the topic "Dangerous Ideas"
Oh and btw I am about to have a sleep as I am too exhausted for any exercise tonight, but by tomorrow lock up your sons!

Well hello...
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so does anyone know when a video gets aproved? i uploaded a video of me doing a cum shot and well... nothing lol im new here so im not sure how this works or if it worked at all..

lung and heart problems and am in hosptial and i was taken to a nhs hosptial n waited on a trolly in the corridoor for 5 hours before they had someone to se me i was that bad i thougth i was going to die anyway they fineley got to se me n adimited me on to the ward where they were killing the old people and that is true there a big court case going on anyway i shit myself n cos i was so bad i had no choise so i was put on ward A3 ACUTE WARD the first thing that they sent a male

25 funny country song titles
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see inside

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i was molested by a friend of family when i was 12 i find it hard to say anything i did not no what to do i have never told anyone what happen has any one had same experience

My friend is soo hot
Views: 8 · Added: 19 hrs ago watch his Videos OMG

Blog Glitch
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Can anyone tell me how to avoid the stupid blog thingy deleting half the post?

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Good Movies on GBT
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Beyond great porn, there are very good movies on GBT. Let's share our favorites!

Bookmark this blog for future reference:


Bullies suck
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I don't get bullied because I'm gay. I get bullied because the preps can and get away with it. Yesterday I thought I'd fight back and got sucker punched. Anyone who says to go tell a teacher or whatever is clueless. The pretty boys win...always. I know what I am and am not. I'm pissed I'm not the rich hot prep. I don't want to be if it means hurting someone else. It's messed up to jerk off fantasizing about how hot they are but being beat on by those same guys. Life can suck sometimes. Off to school so I can take more yea me.

A Daily Pic(k)
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Make It Real
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Everyone loves a hot guy with a great cock and heated wild sex with him! I know I do! But just remember there's a real person behind that sexy body. Too many people have blind sex with one another just because of how they look and what they have in the equipment department, and that's okay for what it is. But we also need to learn to respect and care about one another as a person with real feelings, hopes, desires and dreams. Don't be rolling your eyes at that, just think about it, and bear with me for a minute.

This is why I love (usually amateur) videos of guys that show they really care about one another. Yes, the sex can be hot, raw, wild, crazy and totally J/O worthy. But in the end, I think it's even hotter when there is true love and respect there. As I say in my profile info, the cock is something to behold, is beautiful and great to share; but it also needs to be respected and treated with love and care. But not only by it's owner, but by anyone who is privledged enough to get to make love to it. Some people may think that sounds kinda weird, but it's really not, it's just self-respect and love. However, and please remember, there is a huge difference between self-love and respect and being a stuck-up narcissist.

Self-love is free, respectful, caring, sensuous and romantic; while arrogant narcissism is imprisoning and incarcerates one to a certain aspect of our lives within the gay community. We hate it when we're stereotyped, yet that's exactly what a sexy, hot guy does to himself when he's snobby, stuck on himself and won't give a second look to anyone he feels is lesser than he is. Being beautiful, does not make anyone more or less human and finite, it just makes them blessed, with a gift they should never abuse. So the next time you see someone "not so pretty" sitting across the room looking lonely and full of hope; go talk to him, make a new friend, no one says you have to marry him for fuck sake. Because believe it or not, just simply acknowledging him will probably make his day.

To all you hot beautiful men out there, trust me, the years go fast and I see you in there hiding behind that gorgeous body. But don't be scared, just be real, kind, caring, honest and true to yourself and others. Then when the beauty starts to fade over the years that many think is so important, you won't be left with nothing but memories and web porn.



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